International Yoga Day Speech For Student & Kids

If you are looking for a good speech on Yoga day then this article will be helpful for you. We have prepared a few Long and short speeches on Yoga Day after a lot of research. These speeches on International Yoga day is for everyone. Speech is a way to spread awareness and inspire others.

At any World or National Event Festival, there is our tradition of giving a speech on the stage. The significance of speech is to spread knowledge and awareness about the day. Same with Yoga Day, to spread awareness about International Yoga Day. And to inspire others for Yoga practice through the speech.

Whether you need a short speech or long speech on Yoga, you can prepare both long and short speech on Yoga Day by following the given Yoga Day speeches. In these speeches on Yoga day, you will find it understandable and short sentences with genuine information. These speeches will make your Yoga day speech best.

International Yoga Day Speech For Students

With Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar), A very Good morning to all of us. Hon’ble Principal, Chief guest, teachers, staff and my elder brothers and sisters. on behalf of everyone, I wish you a happy fifth International Yoga day 2019.

To celebrate this fifth International Yoga Day, I would like to deliver a short speech on Yoga day. Through this speech, I will share facts, figures, awareness and knowledge about Yoga.

How do you feel when you realize that you have something precious which was discovered around 5,000 years ago? Obviously, you will feel proud. And yes I am talking about Yoga.

I am thankful to our sages who gave us the knowledge and wisdom of Yoga. Today, Yoga is very popular across the world. And I am also thankful to the Indian Government and Mr. Narendra Modi, because of them, International Day of Yoga is celebrated across the world.

After extreme efforts of Indian government and Mr. Narendra Modi, on December 11, 2014, the 193 member UNGA approved the proposal and declares the 21st June as “International Day of Yoga”. First time in the history of UNGA (United Nations General assembly), 177 countries co-sponsored the resolution to establish 21 June as “International Yoga Day”

UNGA observed that Yoga practice is a better approach to health and well-beings. And recognised that Yoga brings harmony and peace in life. And thus Yoga is known for disease prevention.

Do you know why 21 June date was selected as International Yoga day?

21 June is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. While the 21 June is the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere, So this day has a special significance in many parts of the world.

From the Yoga view, The second full moon after summer solstice is known as Guru Poornima. And Shiva was the first Guru (master) and first yogi (Shiva also known as Adi Yogi), is said to have started imparting the knowledge and wisdom of Yoga to the rest of mankind.

Yoga (योग) is a practice and this practice is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. Yoga is a word from the Sanskrit language which means union. The motive of Yoga practice is to attach the body with the soul and create balance.

As we can observe in today’s generation that physical and mental exercise is decreases with the rise of machine. Hence, we need physicial and mental exercise for better health. Thus, Yoga is very essential practice. The advantages of Yoga are:

Points To Remember

  1. Gives flexibility to the body and mind.
  2. Improve all the body organs and system.
  3. Yoga pranayama keeps our mind, heart and respiratory system healthy.
  4. Yoga Asanas prevents us from many diseases.
  5. Practicing Yoga maintains our weight and metabolism.
  6. Yoga brings Harmony and peace in our life and a transition from “me” to “we”.

Words will remains words until we implement these words in our life. Let’s experience the benefits of Yoga by adopting Yoga in our life and practicing it regularly.

Thank You! and once again Happy International Yoga Day!!!!
(End of the speech)

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