International Yoga Day Message and Wishes - Yoga Day 2019

International Yoga Day Messages – Yoga Day Wishes, SMS & Whatsapp Messages

On Yoga Day, 21 June, people celebrate this day by doing Yoga Asana and Pranayama. Sending wishes to inspire people is the old tradition. Therefore, we have prepared some awesome and inspirational messages, wishes, and WhatsApp messages for Yoga Day 2019.

Yoga is a group of Physical, mental, and spiritual practice. In this International Day of Yoga, 21 June 2019, promote yoga with these inspiring Yoga day messages and wish happy International yoga day with these inspiring and cool wishes.

International Yoga Day Message and Wishes - Yoga Day 2019
International Yoga Day Message and Wishes – Yoga Day 2019

International Yoga Day Messages

#1 There is something magical about seeing the body literally bent over backwards. It is the great source of inspiration, fear dedication, anger, and sadness.
#Yoga #HappyYogaDay2019

#2 Yoga, as a tool of self-improvement, is hard. You’re meant to experience discomfort and to learn from it. You’re meant to be pushed and to push back against those forces to find equanimity of mind and body. Happy International Yoga Day 2019!
#Yoga #YogaDay2019

#3 Yoga is also used as an internal science, which is a combination of different types of processes, through which man can have self-realization by having a balance between body and mind. Best Wishes for Yoga Day 2019!

#4 Yoga is the Art and Science of Living. For Good Health and Harmony, Peace and Love, Yoga is the Key. Practice Yoga and Live Happy. Happy International Yoga Day 2019

#5 Yoga is not about being Flexible.
Yoga is about showing up on your mat daily with not many expectations of how it should go.
Yoga is the ultimate practice of Love. Practice Yoga.
Happy Yoga Day 2019

#6 Yoga is the Journey of the self, throught the self, to the self.
– The Bhagavad Gita

#7 Caution: Practicing Yoga every day may cause you to fee amazing and Healthy, and help you stop worrying about dumb sh*t.
Happy International Yoga Day

#8 Inhale as you jump forward, bend your right knee backward, rotate your thighs inward. Make sure you have placed between your bent leg and your pelvis so that you can sink into the floor. You can move your calf muscles to create more space. When you bend forward to try to keep knees close together
#TriangMukhaekapadaPaschimattanasana #ashtanga

Yoga Day Whatsapp Messages, SMS

Here are some fine extracted and awesome quotes, WhatsApp messages, and SMS for Yoga Day 2019. You can share these messages, SMS, and Yoga day wishes with friends to promote Yoga.

#1 “Yoga cannot Always Control What Goes On Outside,
But You Can Always control What Goes On Inside….”
Practice Yoga…. Happy World Yoga Day 2019

#2 Everyone Breathes…
But few are aware of it…
Feel Your Breathe…
Happy International Yoga 2019

#3 Balance, is the the Key to everything…
What we do, think, say, eat, feel,
They all require awareness and through this awareness we can grow…
Yoga gives us that Balance… Practice Yoga….
Happy Yoga Day 2019

#4 They say… Yoga is the Journey….
After Practicing Yoga, You will feel love…
Fall in Love with Your self…
Practice Yoga… Happy 5th International Yoga Day 2019…

#5 “Yoga is not a religion…
It is a Science and Art…
Art of Living…
Science of well-being, and youthfulness…
Science of Integrating body, mind, and soul.”
Happy World Yoga Day

Hope you all like this article, stay tuned for more Yoga Day Wishes, SMS & Whatsapp Messages.

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